GLoomis E6X 822 DSR Dropshot

GLoomis E6X 822 DSR Dropshot



Soft tip lets fish mouth the bait with minimal resistance - magnum-taper loads up so quickly just lifting the rod creates positive hookset. Actions are extra-fast, but the tips are soft so the angler can impart a subtle wiggle to the bait without lifting the weight off the bottom. E6X technology creates a light tip weight so you can fish the rod, tip-up, all day with minimal fatigue and the ultimate feel!


Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Action
E6X 820S DSR 6' 10" K 1 4 - 8 1/8 - 3/8 Mag-Light Ex-Fast
E6X 822S DSR 6' 10" K 1 6 - 12 3/16 - 1/2 Mag-Medium Ex-Fast

A slightly more powerful drop-shot rod designed for deep-water and fishing around cover. Soft enough in the tip to be effective, yet powerful enough to pull a good fish away from trouble. It's more powerful than our "820" (0-power) and you can fish 10- or 12-pound line as deep as 60-feet if that's where they're holding. It's designed for fishing lakes like Lanier or Mead where fish suspend in the brush and tree-tops. There's plenty of power for moving big fish away from the junk and it still offers the ultimate in a stealthy, finesse approach. Advantage angler!

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