Yum Spine Craw

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Delivering a profile and action that is built for speed, the Yum Spine Craw is a must-have craw bait that will become a mainstay in every angler’s line-up. Molded with a compact body and two large claws, the Yum Spine Craw produces a rapid kicking action as it moves through the water, which mimics the movements of fleeing forage that bass find irresistible. It also features angled appendages along the body that displace a generous amount of water and slow down the rate of fall so that anglers can flip with heavier weights for increased accuracy.

Super versatile as well, the Yum Spine Craw is a highly effective flipping and pitching bait, but it is also a great choice for a jig trailer, Texas-rig, and Carolina-rigs. Offered in a wide selection of bass catching colors, the Yum Spine Craw provides exceptional performance that will help you find the top of the leaderboard at your next tournament.

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3.75" 8

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