Yamamoto Yama Craw 4'

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The Yamamoto Yama Craw Soft Bait is a 4-inch-long crawfish lure that sends a good thump and vibration out into the water. Two large claw appendages with three flanges on their ends vibrate in the water with a tighter kick than what you may be used to with other crawfish baits. Fish the Yama Craw in dirty water, and you'll feel the claws kicking. This Yamamoto Craw supplies endless possibilities to match your fishing methods because of this vibration.

However, the most impactful attribute of the Yama Craw that sets it apart from other crawfish soft plastics is the exclusive Yamamoto Mega Floater Formula material that gives the crayfish pattern life. This is the same soft-feel formula Yamamoto uses for its popular Ned Senko and the Slinko. Placing the Yama Craw on the back end of a jig or a Texas rig and stopping it on the bottom enacts the bait to stand, enacting the claws to rise or float upward in waving motions that perfectly imitate a crawfish getting into its natural defensive position. The lifelike act triggers strikes! The claws float, letting you move the bait at super-slow speeds, slower than any other craw, and you'll still get the desired kicking action. An extensive variety of colors give you just about all you could ever want for a soft plastic craw bait. The Yama Craw fills a void in the Yamamoto lineup, and with the right colors, action, and vibrations, it might also fill a gap in yours – and get the hook end of your line thumping with bass!

  • Crawfish profile that sends thump and vibration
  • Mega Floater Formula allows for a soft feel and a bait that floats
  • Thick body is perfect for a chatterbait and on the back of a jig; exceptional as a football jig trailer
  • Skips well because it holds well
  • Versatile bait to "4-wheel drive" through the nastiest cover or swim in open water
  • Pro-tested, nature-inspired, and fish-approved
  • Qty. per Pack: 6

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