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Geecrack Bellows Craw 3.5"

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The Geecrack Bellows Craw Soft Bait simulates a larger crawfish with thick antennae that bring additional movement to an already extremely pliant and natural moving soft bait choice! Retrieve the Bellows Craw briskly in open water to show slightly undulating and eye-catching swimming motion. Bounce or hop the Geecrack creature soft bait on the bottom for a lifelike imitation. The Craw Soft Bait, perhaps, is most remarkable when retrieved over hardcover to mimic a crawling form. Attracted by the motion, the S.A.F. (salt + amino acid + flavor) proprietary scent and taste formula fool bass into thinking they have the real thing so you have enough time to set the hook! Motion, scent, flavor. There is everything to like with this combination found in the Geecrack Bellows Craw Soft Bait!

  • Super Ring Body
  • S.A.F. Material: Salt, Aminos, and Flavor
  • 3.5" ( 8.cm)
  • 6 pieces
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