Owner Shaky Type Ultrahead Jigheads

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Owner® Shaky Type Ultrahead™ Jigheads feature a patented TwistLOCK® Centering-Pin Spring that's molded into the lead. By inserting this pin in the center of the nose of the soft plastic, small diameter finesse baits can be secured in place. Then, it can be screwed onto the TwistLOCK coil spring for a perfect rig every time. The Ultrahead is contoured so as to rock forward on the bottom, standing a finesse bait up on its nose. A round bend, light wire hook has a 45-degree cross eye, a super needle point and a black chrome finish. Perfect for weedless-style Texas rigs, too.

  • Patented TwistLOCK Centering-Pin Spring
  • Use pin to secure soft plastic, small diameter finesse baits
  • Contoured jighead "rocks" forward to stand baits on their nose
  • Round bend, light wire hook
  • 4 pack

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