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Sunline Basic FC

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  Basic fluorocarbon line for every conceivable kind of fishing.


●75-meter marking for easy spooling onto your reel, plus an indicator sticker to show you how much line you have left.
●Easy to use – simply pull the line out from the outlet on the side of the package. No need to remove the case to do your spooling.
●A reasonably priced fluorocarbon that delivers a full array of good, basic performance.


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    Single Resin Processing

    Advanced performance and reliability A single coat of multi-purpose resin to enhance the quality of the original line.


Diâmetro (mm)

0,235mm 8 lb ( 4Kg)
0,285mm 12 lb (6Kg)
0,310mm 14lb (7Kg)
0,330mm              16 lb ( 8Kg)                 

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