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Seaguar R18 Hunter Tact

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Seaguar R18 Fluoro Hunter Tact is an innovative, state-of-the-art fluorocarbon designed specifically 
for fishing use. It is one of the latest products from the renowned Japanese company Seaguar, known
for its high-quality fishing lines and leaders. The main feature of the Seaguar R18 Fluoro Hunter Tact
is its impressive flexibility and knot resistance. Thanks to special processing technology, this
fluorocarbon is extremely soft and can be guided almost silently through fishing rod rings. This
minimizes the leader's visibility underwater, increasing the chances of a successful capture. Another
important advantage of the Seaguar R18 Fluoro Hunter Tact is its excellent abrasion resistance.
Even in rough waters and fighting powerful fish, the leader maintains its integrity and resists stress.
Fishermen can therefore count on reliable performance and increased durability. The special feature
of the Seaguar R18 Fluoro Hunter Tact is its excellent underwater camouflage. Fluorocarbon is known
to be almost invisible when in contact with water. The leader is therefore less noticeable to shy fish,
increasing the likelihood of them attacking the lure unsuspectingly. The Seaguar R18 Fluoro Hunter Tact is
available in a variety of diameters to suit different needs and types of fishing. Whether reel fishing,
jigging or trolling - this FluoroCarbon is versatile and impresses with its performance. 100% made in Japan

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