OMTD TSwimbait Weighted

OMTD TSwimbait Weighted

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Modelo Tamanho Peso Quantidade por embalagem
TSwimbait Weighted 1/0 1g 4
2/0 1.5g 4

This hook is designed for weedless dressing with large Swimbait, Creatures, and Soft Shad.The new system for fixing the bait to the hook (OMTD Clip) makes it possible to fix the clip on the central part of the head of the bait for a secure and resistant grip, while guaranteeing a natural and balanced swim. This hook does not require additional weights because the tungsten weight fixed on the forward part of the shank causes the bait to sink and swim in a more natural and realistic way, with very effective results on predators. Ideal for both fresh and salt water.



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