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Shimano Bantam Zumverno 95SP FB

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The Bantam Zumverno 95SP is a suspending jerkbait/twitch bait lure that comes packed with the latest SHIMANO BOOST lure technologies. Featuring FLASH BOOST and SCALE BOOST for visual attraction and JET BOOST for long range casting performance and accuracy, it offers fantastic versatility and has a sharp darting action when moved erratically.
Get ready to revolutionize your twitchbait game with the Bantam Zumverno 95SP! This lure is a true game changer, and here's why. The JET BOOST technology gives you incredible casting distance and pinpoint accuracy, even in tough crosswinds. Whether you're casting tight to cover or out in open water, this mid-sized long casting lure has got you covered. And when you combine the sharp jerking action with its erratic darting motion, you've got a real fish magnet on your hands! The FLASH BOOST feature maximizes its fish-attracting power, making it perfect for shallow areas on bright days. Plus, the SCALE BOOST gives it a lifelike appearance that's sure to fool even the most discerning fish. Don't settle for ordinary twitchbaits - step up your game with the Bantam Zumverno 95SP!




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