Duel L-Bass Vibe Sinking

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Strong wave and rattle sounds appeal to a bass in a wide range.

The definitive search bait!

  • Standing on the bottom, getting off to a good swim and less snagging.
  • Wide vibration with strong wave motion and rattle sound appeals to bass in a wide area.
  • Can also be used with spinning, with a weight setting that is easy for beginners to use.


  • Diamond Lens Finish

    International Patent
    inside the body diffuses brilliance over a wide area and triggers a reaction bite!
    Built-in polyhedral lens shape represents fish scales and diffusely reflects when swimming to appeal to bass.

  • Erratic Action

    By adding weight to the lens section, it creates an erratic action and triggers a reaction bite.

  • Fixed Weight Position

    Swims faster than the weight transfer model after landing on the water, allowing to attack structure and overhangs without wasting time in tight targeting situations.



F1216- SINKING 60mm 14.5g #2 #6 / #8 40m ALL RANGE

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