IMA PinJack 200

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Designed specifically to come through cover without hanging up or losing effectiveness, the PinJack 200 was designed to be an all around versatile lure, whether fishing shallow cover or deep rock banks.  The PinJack 200 is designed to dive 6-8 foot on 10-12lb test, diving deeper on smaller diameter fluorocarbon.  It is designed with a precise wobble and roll action to acquire depth and efficiency without getting hung up in cover where fish live.

Its design incorporates a small fixed weight inside, which maximizes diving depth while preventing the lure from tumbling and getting fouled on the cast.  The diving angle is also tuned so when you come in contact with weeds or cover, softly lift up on the rod.  The Pin Jack 200 will back slide and glide over the cover.  Every aspect of this lure is made to maximize performance in this most efficient mid depth crankbait.

Length: 55 mm, 2.25 in
Weight: 13g, 7/16 oz
Hooks size: #4
Depth: 6 foot (12lb test)
Class: Mid Depth Crank

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