Yamamoto Scope Shad Floater 3' (7.6cm)

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Although designed to be the perfect tool for forward facing sonar, the all-new Scope Shad is far from a one-trick pony. When tasked with catching fish that are feeding primarily in a visual situation, the Scope Shad offers the perfect profile to fool even the most pressured bass. You can confidently rig it for a vertical presentation on technique-specific jig heads such as the all-new Buckeye Scope-Head. It is also an incredible offering on a drop shot as it is constructed from our Mega Floater Formula. Furthermore, the Scope Shad can be paired with an underspin to cover water and draw strikes where profile, size, and color are the deciding factors. Available in 13 clearwater-specific colors, the 3” Scope Shad will be the subject of many of your future stories.

3in (7.6cm) - 10pieces


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