Owner Squid Jig Draw4

Tax included

Exclusive Features:

3-Dimensional darting action with enticing body roll that mimics a fleeing baitfish

Flash Jump:
A short jerk brings the jig to life with the realistic flash & hopping action imitating a wounded baitfish

Bungee Fall:
Perfectly tuned & balanced for a controlled free fall that is irresistable to squid.

Suspends & slides under light pressure for finesse presentation to fussy squid.

Model Size Weight Sinking speed Body length Casting distance (approx)
2.5 10g 4.4 sec/m 83mm 33m
2.5EXP 15g 4.4sec/m 83mm 33m
3.0 15g 3.8 sec/m 100mm 40m
3.0EXP 17g 3.8 sec/m 100mm 40m
3.5 19g 3 sec/m 112mm 50m

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