Shimano Sephia Clinch Shrimp Flash Boost

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Makes you want to stretch out your tentacle arms! Once you touch it, you can't let go! Pursuing the real shrimp

Squid like to prey on shrimp as well as fish. The reason why anglers search the bottom of the sea with an eye on shrimp and other crustaceans living on the seafloor is to catch squid that are attracted to shrimp and other crustaceans living on the seafloor. The CLINCH SHRIMP SERIES are EGI squid lures imitating shrimp, a favorite food of squid. The clear body naturally expresses the translucent appearance of shrimp. Furthermore, focusing on the feeding behavior of squid using their tentacles, the surface of the body is uniquely processed to have a rough texture like a shrimp shell. The squid's appearance makes them want to extend their tentacles, and once they touch it, they do not want to let go of it. It also appeals to the squid's tentacles and leads to deep bites. The original performance of the CLINCH SERIES lures squid by adding the look and feel of a real shrimp to the original performance of the Clinch series lures.

EGI 2.5 - 10g

EGI 3.0 - 15g

Speed 4 s/m


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