Yokozuna Ryoshi Egi Shokki

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The Spanish manufacturer Suministros Evia (distributor of prestigious brands such as Yamashita or Hart) has created these economical jigs under the Ryoshi brand with excellent finishes of very good quality. The squid and cuttlefish lures from the RYOSHI brand perfectly mimic the movement and appearance of prey, attracting the attention of cephalopods with their bright colors and shiny eyes. These lures are made with high-quality materials that withstand predator attacks and ensure high durability.

Targeted at fishermen starting in eging fishing and also for experts who want to complete their lure box for squid or cuttlefish fishing. Equipped with fluorescent bodies and a microtela coating, the kind that squids and cuttlefish love.

These jigs are very thin and elongated, which helps us in casting to reach the maximum possible distance, and they are very well proportioned. Fluorescent realistic eyes. In the water, they behave like live fish. These RYOSHI EGI SHOKKI jigs are very effective for practicing egi fishing both from the shore and from drifting boats. THEY ALL HAVE FLUORESCENT BODIES, becoming irresistible to both squids and the highly prized cuttlefish.

Finished with double stainless steel crown, super sharp.

Effective colors and shines.

Size #2.5

Measurement: 100 mm Weight: 12 grams Sinking speed: 5 seconds / meter
Size #3.0
Measurement: 105 mm Weight: 15 grams Sinking speed: 4.3 seconds / meter

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