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Akami Shizen

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We introduce the AKAMI SHIZEN, an enthusiastic companion for egi fishermen. SHIZEN in Japanese means "nature," and with that in mind, its colors were meticulously designed to mimic prey found in the wild, targeted by cuttlefish and squids. Its natural hues are crafted to provoke more strikes. Its coating uses advanced Japanese technology, with the AKAMI SHIZEN's X-STRONG fabric standing out for its resistance, smoothness, and chromatic and ultraviolet effects, providing a unique fishing experience.

Equipped with calibrated and perforated lead, the AKAMI SHIZEN offers the flexibility to adjust depth and handle currents with ease. Its RATTLE SOUND system emits audible frequencies, elevating attraction to a new level and ensuring predators approach with voracity. The high-quality tempered steel hooks provide powerful penetration and exceptional durability. The green phosphorescence and also phosphorescent silicone fins add an extra layer of effectiveness, ensuring that this cutting-edge egi lure stands out even in the most challenging conditions. With modern-designed eyes and a body developed with advanced 3D technology, the AKAMI SHIZEN maintains a 45-degree angle in the water, ensuring unparalleled performance!

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