Nories Spoon Tail Shad 6' Smoke Orange ST04

Nories Spoon Tail Shad 5' High Visible Chartreuse ST05

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Norio Tanabe has developed many famous shad tail lures over the course of his career, this is however his first specialised Black Bass shad, the SPOON TAIL SHAD. Friction produced by the unique spoon tail design gives the entire lure a high pitch roll action. The lure has also been made with a new dual layer injection technique that produces a stiffness for the ultimate balance and high pitch wobble. It works great on nervous bass. The new dual layer injection center lamination process allows for differing colouring to be used on the inner and outer sections of the lure to create highly realistic colour patterns. The new SPOON TAIL SHAD is proudly presented by Norio Tanabe, as a uniquely advanced new type of swimbait.



4" class / 101mm 6pcs.
4.5" class / 114mm 6pcs.
5" class / 127mm 5pcs.
6" class / 152mm 5pcs.

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