Hayabusa WRM962 Power Wacky

Hayabusa WRM962 Power Wacky

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The Hayabusa Fishing WRM962 Special Wacky features all of the necessary characteristics found in the ultimate medium wire wacky bass fishing hook.  This fishing hook design begins with a revolutionary bait pocket that allows soft baits to be perfectly balanced for realistic actions and hook-up performance. The hook design also offers an extended gap between the hook eye and hook point, providing optimum line separation from the bait. When you need a medium wire fishing hook for a down-sized wacky presentations, this is right fishing hook for wacky worm bass fishing. Hayabusa – the pride of Japan – has been manufacturing uncompromising, high quality hooks since 1958, so you can trust these elite fishing hooks to catch more fish.

WRM962 Special Wacky Bass Fishing Hook Sizes

#2 (8 per pack), #1 (7 per pack), 1/0 (6 per pack) and 2/0 (5 per pack)

WRM 962 Power Wacky – Recommended Fishing Line (lb)

#2 6-8lb, #1 6-10lb, 1/0 6-10lb, and 2/0 6-12lb

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