Varivas Nogales Hooking Master Ring Offset Hook

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Ring Offset Hook

New and improved, wide-gap, medium-heavy wire, offset hook with high-strength ring and swivel
  • A versatile, offset hook for a wide range of applications, from ultra-light finesse fishing to flipping and pitching for big bass in heavy cover.
  • The hook moves freely, allowing lures to move more naturally.
  • The swivel works to eliminate line twist.
  • The ring and swivel act as a sinker, allowing baits to sink down naturally without any additional weights.

When used in a standard Texas rig setup, the attached ring allows your worm to move freely, making for a more natural presentation.

When used in combination with the separately sold VARIVAS Through-Down Drop-Shot Leader and VARIVAS Quick Change weights attached to the ring, the ring allows for quick change of sinker weights and reduces line twists and tangles.

Spec :

Size: #3, #2, #1, #1/0, #2/0, #3/0

Pack of 4 hooks


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