Herakles Bazzy Bug 3,2" Watermelon Red

Herakles Bazzy Bug 3,2" Black Red

5,10 €

The flat body, the double tail and the vibrating appendix are common features of many different creature baits, the Bazzy Bug comes from the master lure maker Franco Mancini, different than any other creature bait thanks to its sinuous swimming and the high quantity of vibrations produced, very versatile bait. The flat body feature a perfect balance, is easy to rig and casts very well. The two claws will start moving in a very enticing way as soon as they touch the water, while diving and during the retrieve. The antennae and the legs will feature a very natural movement at all speed and he vibration produced by this soft bait will enhance the already high hooking rate. The Bazzy Bug will result in a excellent bait to fish heavy covers or open waters thanks to its great versatility. It will produce a lot f strikes on both power and light approaches to heavily fished spots.



Model Size Piece per pack
Bazzy Bug 3,2" (8,13cm) 10

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