Gary Yamamoto Mermaid

8,60 €

Delivering versatile performance, the Yamamoto Mermaid blends the lines between the Yamamoto Flappin’ Hawg and the Cowboy to provide anglers with one bait that excels in all scenarios. Molded with a bulky body that mimics both crawdads and bottom-feeding baitfish, the Yamamoto Mermaid features two large outward curled legs that fold into themselves during the fall, which provides a very tight and fast action like a baitfish trying to flee. The outward curled legs also extend themselves while moving to create a longer profile and make the Yamamoto Mermaid appear bigger than it actually is. 

The Yamamoto Mermaid excels when used alone on a jighead and dragged along the bottom, but it is also extremely effective on a Carolina-rig or a Texas-rig for flipping and punching. Offered in an assortment of Yamamoto’s proven colors, the Yamamoto Mermaid will take the place of several other baits in your tackle box. 

Length Quantity
3.75" (9,5cm) 7

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