Bomber Fat Free Shad BD7FDPW Dance´s Pearl White

Bomber Fat Free Shad BD7FDCF Dance´s Crawfish

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The Bomber Fat Free Shad has a Bassmaster Classic victory and over a million dollars in prize money to claim and it doesn't happen by accident. When introduced, this flat sided deep runner completely renovated the hard bait market. With an enticing tight action the Bomber Fat Free Shad was responsive with an ease of retrieve never before seen in a bait of its size and running depth. With Excalibur Tx3 Rotating Treble Hooks and brilliant new finishes, this is the premier deep-diving crankbait on the market.


Model Size Weight (oz.) Hook Sz. Cranking Depth
BD6F 2.5-in. (6.13cm) 1/2-oz. (14g) #4 Tx3 8- 14ft.
BD7F 3-in (7.62cm) 3/4-oz. (21g) #2 Tx3 14-18ft.

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