Shimano Exsence Silent Assassin Flash Boost 129

12,00 €

Designed for Sea Bass, but equally suited to other top water predators, the Silent Assassin has a world-wide pedigree, which is set to be enhanced further by the inclusion of Shimano FLASH BOOST. Featuring the Shimano AR-C / JET BOOST moving weight technology for increased casting distance and improved accuracy, the 129 (22g) size has recorded casts of 65 metres, enabling this lure to be used when the fish are hanging back from the shore or boat. Using a regular constant retrieve the Silent Assassin FLASH BOOST has a tight rolling action, but an aggressive action can be added by using sharp jerks or a gliding action using long pulls of the rod tip. The floating version also works well when paused and left to float slowly to the surface, before being jerked back down to its working depth. Increased attraction is also added by using Kyorin / SCALE BOOST 3D holographic film which gives a remarkable life-like scale pattern. The sinking version of the Silent Assassin is the lure to turn to when the fish are lower in the water column.

Floating 129mm I 24g

Sinking 129mm I 26g I 24cm/s       

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