ZMan Mag Shroomz Jig Worm Jigheads

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Z-Man Mag ShroomZ

An oversized version of our popular ShroomZ jigheads, the Mag ShroomZ is built around a 6/0 hook that matches the new Giant TRD and other larger ElaZtech baits. Ideal for targeting big fish or as a substitute for magnum shaky-style jigheads, the Mag ShroomZ is a must-have for a variety of applications from skipping docks to dragging ledges and is available with either an open hook or an adjustable double wire weedguard in weights ranging from 1/8 to 3/8 oz.


  • Mushroom-shaped head mates seamlessly with softbaits and enhances rocking motion on bottom
  • Custom 6/0 wide gap jig hook pairs perfectly with larger baits
  • Welded wire keeper is easy to rig and grips ElaZtech softbaits securely
  • Designed for use with large worm-style baits like Giant TRD and Mag Fatty

Modelo peso               quantidade por embalagem
Jig Worm Jigheads

1/8 oz (3,5g) 3
3/16 oz (5,25g) 3
1/4 oz (7,0g) 3
3/8 oz (10,0g) 3

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