Jackson Qu-On Quake Claw 4' Green Pumkin Orange GPO

Jackson Qu-On Quake Claw 4' Junebug Magic JBM

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Jackson Qu-On

High pitch action of the arm produces a blink of the wave!

The normal twintail worm that move easily by a small power doesn't have a strong wave in contrast to its showiness of looks. However this Quake claw was chosen the slight harder material and has a proper thickness in its arms, so at the time of free falling with a load of about 5g, the arms start to move. Dare to kill the action response of the arm, it got the strong wave when the thing hard to move are moving for the first time, and the high pitch action keeps to decieve a fish forever. As a result, the rig set with heavier weight of 5g of course, also set with the rig under 5g, it can use the trick that attract a bass by ""flickering effect of the wave""which start to move only when a strong action used. Also it can produce the attack without blind spots and correspond to the pin spot capture of the shaking at the one point by adapting the parts that respond sensitively to a small action no t only the arm. In addition, its firm body matrial has enough strength to aim the cover, increase the holding of the hook, and shows the higher obstacle avoidance performance by the rib provided on the body surface. Also by the body design of the upper and lower symmetry, it is possible to reduce the frequency of worm exchanging cause you can use reversibly top or underside, and to attack quickly without break your rhythm.


Model Size Pieces per pack
Quake Claw 4' ( 10,15cm) 8

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