Herakles Cave Craw 3,8" Black Red Flakes

Herakles Cave Craw 3,8" Summer Craw

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This craw pattern developed by Riccardo Cortigiani is a pure concentrated of innovations. The main feature is he 4 appendix: 2 antennae and 2 claws, moving at different frequencies. Thanks to its inverted “L” tips the antennae move one toward the top and the other none alternatively toward the bottom in a nervous and fast way. The claws feature two countersinking, producing another different fast and narrow movement during the diving, matching a craw running for cover. The compact body is especially designed for finesse fishing and pitching, but aerodynamic and flat enough to be rigged wacky or down shot. The lateral legs are expressly designed to create more vibrations. Very effective also letting it siting still since the antennae will keep fluctuating like the real craw ones and the claw will remain in a defense position. A craw pattern suitable for finesse, flipping or as a jig trailer. A soft bait designed to increment the hooking rate in any conditions tanks to its versatility and effectiveness.



Model Size Piece per pack
Cave Craw 3,8" 3,8" ( 9,65cm) 10

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