Molix F Crank DR 59 WCC Red Craw

Molix F Crank DR 13 MX Ayu

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The Molix F Crank DR (Flat Crank Deep Runner) Crankbait produces an erratic, wobbling action with its exclusive flat-body design. Diving from 6-8 ft, the Molix F Crank DR Crankbait is easily manipulated with a “stop and go” retrieve and varied winding speeds. Equipped with an extra-durable bill, the Molix F Crank DR Crankbait generates strong deflections that trigger vicious strikes from bass lurking nearby. Built with an internal moving weight system, the weight shifts to the tail of Molix F Crank DR Crankbait during casting for increased casting distances. Available in a host of fish-catching colors, the Italian manufactured Molix F Crank DR Crankbait is made with an undeniable level of precision and quality that makes it “flat” out get bit.


Molix Tamanho Peso Ação Profundidade Line Recommendation
F Crank DR 6cm 10.5g Floating 200-250cm 8-14lb



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