DUO Realis Crank M65 11A - ACC 3008 Neo Pearl

DUO Realis Crank M65 11A - ACC3088 Mellow Blaze

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A global standard crankbait:

The 65mm crankbait was the first model to be launched by Mr. Hajime Murata, who has been flying around the world to target various fish eating species. Although the lure may seem big for use in the domestic market, its volume was designed to maximize the casting ability for use with bait-casting tackle. We aimed for a globally versatile lure with the highest standards and performance for use in various field conditions. Although using the same body as the 8A, a different lip formation and internal structure is employed for the 11A, allowing it to efficiently dive down to the 3m line. Its amazing ability to maintain it tracing range will help you master the middle to deep range! We wanted to create a lure where anglers would say "all I need is this" and will still be outstanding in 5 ~10 years time. Please experience for yourself Mr. Hajime Murata's inexplicable passion, the Realis Crank M65.
Model Size Weight Action
Realis Crank M65 11A 65mm 16g Floting(Fixed Weight)




  • Casting performance
  • We have employed a fixed weight system to enhance the highly responsive cranking action. The weight distribution and aerodynamics of the body design has been carefully considered to give it the top of the class casting distance.


  • Action response
  • It has a tighter and shorter pitched wobbling action compared to the 8A and efficiently gets down to the target zone. We have realized an easy retrieval feel for anglers whether reeling in fast or slow. Its snag-less effect is also highly recognizable and the action recovery after bottom contact is brilliant.


  • Sound performance
  • We have installed metallic plates which surround a steel ball in the rattle room at the front of the body. These two metallic materials produce a hard sound appealing to the bass in the vast area. the “sharpness” in its action, while responding to both slow to fast retrieval.


  • carefully selected hooks
  • The hook size was one of the factors where Mr. Murata placed great emphasis . As we all know, he has traveled to the most exotic water systems and oceans to conquer various species. In order to successfully land monstrous bass and other exotic species, a one size bigger and thicker hook size was essential.
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