Biwaa Scorpitail 5" Biwaa Blaast

9,60 €

Perfect for high-pressure water conditions, Biwaa Scorpitail SoftJerk is built with a little extra edge which allow to outperform the fishing. Similar to a soft stick worm, the soft lure Biwaa Scorpitail promotes an erratic darting motion with its unique profile and diamond shaped tail, plus a very subtle tail swimming action on the fall. The soft lure Biwaa Scorpitail SoftJerk is equipped with Biwaa’s exclusive B2Ascent, a shrimp based diffuses in water, which creates a strong scent trail and activates aggressive feeding behavior in predator species. Designed for tournament anglers, the innovative lure Biwaa Scorpitail will resolutely help you to get more bites. Biwaa Scorpitail SoftJerk is an efficient soft lure of Biwaa Fishing Performance, the pro fishing shop for the best innovative fishing lures and fishing gear.

  • 5″ / 130mm
  • Diamond Barb tail creates erratic motion
  • Open belly design for better hook-up ratioBiwaa “Eco” plastic is soft and elastic, yet very durable
  • Depressed hook bed for weedless presentation
  • Environmentally Friendly- BPA & Phthalate free formulation
  • Scented with Biwaa’s B2A shrimp scent attractant
  • 06 pcs per pack



Modelo Tamanho Qunatidade por embalagem
Scorpitail 5" (12.7cm) 6
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