Herakles Ispanic Shad 4,5" Baby Bass Special

Herakles Ispanic Shad 4,5" Baby Bass Special

5,10 €

To introduce an effective stickbait pattern was our priority, to reach this target we decided to develop a soft bait that may be stimulating while diving, retrieving and twitching. To develop a long casting bait was a must. The Ispanic Shad rolls and wobbles a lot thanks to its triangular shape body, the spear-point shape appendix tail move all the time in a sinuous way, while diving and during the retrieve. On different retrieves the bait may simulate the explosive movement of a frightened bait fish under a predator attack, the erratic movement of an injured bait fish or simply not aware of the dangerous predator approaching. The movement of the bait results natural and attractive, perfect on weightless Texas, drop shot, jig head, wacky and split shot rigs. The weight of the body portion of the bait will allow long casts. This is a very versatile bait and extremely productive, a bait that was developed to sort out the need of big Spanish reservoirs fishing, and that’s why we named it so, but will be effective anywhere, in both fresh and saltwater.



Model Size Piece per pack
Ispanic Shad 4,5" (11,43cm) 9

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