Westin Hypoteez V-Tail

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HypoTeez V-Tail

The HypoTeez V-Tail is a hybrid between the immensely successful HypoTeez ST and the good old zander lander, TwinTeez. Bringing the best of two worlds this sublime vertical softlure can tease even the finnickiest of perch, zander, bass and it will look awesome in your tacklebox to. HypoTeez V-Tail features extremely life-like details, flexible fins and scale patterns and its softness will ensure reaction to the slightest twitch from the rod tip. The lure can be fished as a traditional bottom vertical jig or on a dropshot rig.

  • Realistic eyes
  • Optimized flexibility
  • Forked V-Tail
  • Life-Like lure
  • Hand painted detailed colors

Weight: 5g


ModelHypoTeez V-Tail
Length 10cm
Weight 5g
Quantity 3pcs
Inches 4"

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