Pline Topwater HP - 274m

10,80 €
Diâmetro pretendido

  • LOW MEMORY - reduced line twist will help an angler make longer casts, have better feel of the bait, and reduce the amount of line tangles.
  • ABRASION RESISTANT - this line can come through heavy cover easily without damaging, so the angler can be confident the line will not fail
  • HIGH BUOYANCY - this line was created to float, helping your bait stay on top of the water. This will give the perfect action to your topwater bait of choice.
  • SUPREME CASTABILITY - the angler will be able to reach fish with this line that he/she may have not been able to reach with another line. The longer casts will help not to spook weary fish, so the angler can have more chances at catching fish.
  • ULTRA THIN - this line was created to be thin in diameter without sacrificing strength. The thin diameter will help increase casting distance and the angler can get more line on their reel.

Bobine de 274m ( 300yds)

Diâmetro  Resistência     
0.27mm (10lb)  4.5Kg
0.32mm (12lb)  5.5Kg

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