Cotton Cordell Big O C77 99 Natural Crawdad

Cotton Cordell Big O C77 99 Natural Crawdad

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It's the Cotton Cordell Big O's first advance since Cotton Cordell transformed Fred Young’s wooden carving into plastic in 1973. It has a tougher lip and today’s hottest color patterns, plus, it’s made right here in the USA. They retain that original fish-catching action, buoyant body and cover-deflecting ability as the original, but anglers may not even recognize these modernized versions.


In 1967, when Fred Young carved the first Big O fishing lure from a block of balsa wood, he created a legacy that has endured for decades. After 30 years, the Cotton Cordell Big O lure is still an active part of crankbait and fishing tackle history.

The Big O is a fishing favorite for big trophy bass because its shorter, squared lip deflects off cover, making it ideal to fish around submerged structure. These fishing lures are perfect for largemouth bass fishing.


Model: C77: A favorite lure of bass tournament pros, the 2¼" "Little" Big O is easily cast for both accuracy and distance, and its distinctive "pumping action" makes it a medium-depth favorite for all freshwater game fish. 2¼" 1/3 oz #6 hooks.



Cotton Cordell Length Weight Depth Class
Big O C77 5,72 cm 10g 0,9 - 1,5m Floating

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