River2Sea Biggie Smalls 57 - 05 Abalone Shad

River2Sea Biggie Poppa 67 - 18 Fire Tiger

10,99 €


Biggie is a pair of squarebilled crankbaits. Poppa is a 6,7cm body and Smalls is the 5,7cm version. Each size is available in a fast floating version with a single solid rattle called Bumpin’. When allowed to float to the surface, Bumpin’ rises at around 30cm per second.
Biggie comes in 6 colors and all are armed with super sharp,ultra strong River2Sea treble hooks. These crankbaits aredesigned by Ish Monroe to hypnotize all predators.

ModelStyleWt (g)L (cm)HookAction
Biggie-Smalls Bumpin’ Rattle – Fast Floater 9 5.7 River2sea short Shank Treble #4 Fast Floating
Biggie-Poppa Bumpin’ Rattle – Fast Floater 16 6.7 River2sea short Shank Treble #2 Fast Floating

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