Herakles Amphibio Compact Spinnerbait

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It is a compact spinnerbait. The two sizes 1 / 4oz and 3 / 8oz make it very versatile. The head has a streamlined and well-finished design. The proportions of the steel arm make it perfect for producing vibrations, protecting the hook and facilitating the bite. This lure is suitable for multiple situations. It is excellent for pitching, for clear waters where a finesse presentation is required and more generally for waters characterized by high fishing pressure. Some colors are available in the tandem version (one willow leaf and one Colorado palette) and others in the double willow version (two willow leaf palettes) in accordance with the experience of our staff. All palettes
are characterized by the design studied by Herakles with the special engraving that refracts the light creating myriads of small attractive flashes. The high-quality skirts and the head paint are also treated to make the bait well finished and above all more captivating. This spinnerbait that synthesizes Herakles innovation and experience in the field of bassfishing and spinning.
Double Willow 3/8 oz. - 10,50 gr
Blades size W3.0 - W2.0
Hook size 2/0   

Tandem 3/8 oz.
Blades size W3.0 - C2.0
Hook size 2/0  

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