War Eagle Screamin' Spinnerbaits Nickel Double Willow 3/4oz SENW018 DW White Silver

War Eagle Screamin' WE12SENW18 DWL NF - Aurora

11,00 €


Made for burning back to the boat, the War Eagle Nickel Screamin Eagle Spinnerbaits are the size of a 1/4oz spinnerbait with the weight of a 1/2oz spinnerbait. Balanced to perfection and ready to fish right out of the package, they track true no matter how fast you want to retrieve them. Super sharp Mustad NeedlePoint Hooks help increase your hook up ratio, and premium willow-blades, Sampo swivels, and light piano wire furnish optimal flash and vibration. Also equipped with custom hand-tied skirts in a variety of colors, the War Eagle Nickel Screamin Eagle Spinnerbaits are some of the most productive spinnerbaits on the market.

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