Rebel Pop-R

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Often imitated but never duplicated, the Rebel Pop-R is the standard by which all other top water poppers have been judged for over three decades. Slowly chug it along the water's surface or retrieve it quickly like a skittering shad, during certain times of year bass can't resist blowing up on the Rebel Pop-R. Available in a variety of sizes and colors to match your fishing situation, only the original Rebel Pop-R has the faith of America's top water master, Zell Rowland.

The Rebel P71 Pop-R is a large popper that matches the design and dimensions of the iconic P70 Pop-R and offers tremendous versatility in the ways it can be worked and the sounds that can be made. It rests tail down in the water and can be walked almost in place to stay near cover or worked with subtle pops or loud chugs. A low-pitched rattle and feather tail add attraction for bass, stripers, pike, and inshore saltwater species. Our largest Pop-R can be subtle or loud, depending on rod movements, and either approach is apt to draw bass and other game fish crashing to the surface.

  • Engineered for long and accurate casts
  • Easy to walk without moving far from cover
  • Butyrate construction for subtle low-pitch rattle
  • Large Pop-R for big fish appeal
  • Feather tail for added attraction
Rebel Lures  Length Weight Class
Small Pop-R 2" (5cm) 1/8oz (3,5g) Topwater
Pop-R 2.5" (6,35cm) 1/4oz (7g) Topwater
Magnum Pop-R 3"(7,62cm) 1/2oz (14g) Topwater
3"(7,62cm) 9/16oz (15,75g) topwater

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