Gary Yamamoto Fat Ika

13,40 €



Use the 4" 92F-series Fat Ika weightless. With approximately a 4/0 extra wide gap offset shank hook, it weighs about a 1/2 oz, cast well and sinks quickly into the often overlooked 10 to 20 foot zone. As it falls, it has a built-in side to side sashay which is all the bass need to see some days. Other times, it can require skillful rod english by the angler to create an underwater "walk-the-dog" action. Take time to learn how to do this, and stick to it. Just walk the Fat Ika up to the crown of an underwater bush or tree, then kill the action to let it sashay down through the limbs. A big key is most bites come when the Fat Ika is falling. Model 92F-10.

4' - 10,2cm

10 per bag.


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