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Bomber Model A

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If you were limited to just one crankbait, you would do well making it a Model A. This crankbait is a staple for avid fishermen, and its timeless design, durability, true-running dependability and pure fish-catching abilities define the meaning of go-to lure.

Excelent multi-species lure
True-running dependability
Proven durability

Model 4A Length 2 1/8  in Weight 5/16 oz Cranking Depth 3 - 6 Feet #6 Treble Hooks

Model 5A Length 1 7/8 in Weight 1/5 oz Cranking Depth 4 - 6 Feet #6 Treble Hooks

Model 6A Length 2 1/8 in Weight 3/8 oz Cranking Depth 6 - 8 Feet #6 Treble Hooks

Model 7A Length 2 5/8 in Weight 1/2 oz  Cranking Depth 8 - 10 Feet #4 Treble Hooks       
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