Herakles Olive Shot Sinkers

Herakles Olive Shot Sinkers

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Olive Shot è il piombo da drop shot “con girella senza nodo” studiato per permettere al pescatore un utilizzo all round . Grazie alla sua forma allungata con base larga risulta un piombo molto versatile prevenendo gli incagli, sia nelle rocce che negli erbai. Inoltre, permette lunga gittata di lancio, ottima velocità di affondamento.

The Olive shot is a typical all round drop shot lead, with a no knot swivel. Thanks to its elongated shape and a wide base it is a very versatile lead able to prevent any snags on both rocks and grass. It also allows long casting and an excellent sinking speed.

Code: POHKOS01 Weight: 1/16 (1.8 gr) Pcs: 10

Code: POHKOS02 Weight: 1/8 (3.5 gr) Pcs: 7

Code: POHKOS03 Weight: 3/16 (5.0 gr) Pcs: 6

Code: POHKOS04 Weight: 1/4 (7 gr) Pcs: 5

Code: POHKOS05 Weight: 3/8 (10.5 gr) Pcs: 4

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